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"Big Book 12 Step Study Workshop"

Big Book 12 Step Workshop 2014

Workshop Documents and Handouts

This is the fourth year of the annual workshop where the workshop documents and handouts are available in an easily distributable format.  All the workshop material is now available here on the web and available for download in Adobe Acrobat Reader format (PDF files).  If you are unable to view the PDF files after download you can get the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

The Workshop material is provided each week as a handout on 3-hole standard letter paper to each attendee of the workshop.  A 3-ring binder is used by the attendees to organize the handouts and to hold additional notebook paper with notes and for the homework writing and answers to the homework questions that are part of each week’s handout.

The workshop is held each Thursday from 7pm – 9pm and the workshop material should be posted here with any needed corrections by Monday evening if not sooner.  Attendees of the workshop may want to check here and download the latest version of the handout with any corrections to errors in the documents found during the workshop and update their workbooks.  The handout provided weekly in the workshop is in Black & White to reduce the cost of providing the material for the workshop.  The documents here are the originals and are in Color so that they can be downloaded and printed on a personal color printer and included in your workbook.  If you were unable to attend the workshop and did not get the handout, you can get what you need here.

Click the links below to display the content in your browser or you can ‘right-click’ and chose ‘save as’ from the pop-up menu to download and save a copy of the PDF file to your computer.

View or Download the Workshop Documents

Session Title
January 9, 2014Workshop Work Book Cover SheetPDF OnlyPDFPublished
January 9, 2014Workshop Table Contacts SheetsPDF OnlyPDFPublished
January 9, 2014Workshop Your Level of Presence SheetPDF OnlyPDFPublished
January 9, 2014Intro & Kick-OffwebPDFPublished
January 16, 2014Week #1 - The Doctor's OpinionwebPDFPublished
January 16, 2014Week #1 - The Doctor's Opinion - Additional ContentPDF OnlyPDFPublished
Jan 23, 2014Week #2 - Bill's StorywebPDFPublished
Jan 23, 2014Week #2 - Joe & Charlie TranscriptwebPDFPublished
Jan 30, 2014Week #3 - There is a SolutionwebPDFPublished
Feb 06, 2014Week #4 - More About AlcoholismwebPDFPublished
Feb 06, 2014Week #4 - Joe & Charlie TranscriptwebPDFPublished
Feb 13, 2014Week #5 - We AgnosticswebPDFPublished
Feb 13, 2014Week #5 - Joe & Charlie TranscriptwebPDFPublished
Feb 20, 2014Week #6 - How It Works (Step 3)webPDFPublished
Feb 20, 2014Week #6 - Joe & Charlie TranscriptwebPDFPublished
Feb 27, 2014Week #7 - How It Works (Step 4, Resentments, I)webPDFPublished
Feb 27, 2014Step 4 - Resentment WorksheetPDF OnlyPDFPublished
Mar 06, 2014Week #8 - How It Works (Step 4, Resentments, II)webPDFPublished
Mar 13, 2014Week #9 - How It Works (Step 4, Resentments, III)webPDFPublished
Mar 20, 2014Week #10 - How It Works (Step 4, Resentments, IV)webPDFPublished
March 27, 2014Week #11 - How It Works (Step 4, Fears)webPDFPublished
March 27, 2014Step 4 - Fears WorksheetPDF OnlyPDFPublished
April 3, 2014Week #12 - How It Works (Step 4, Sex Conduct / Harms Done)webPDFPublished
April 3, 2014Step 4 - Sex Conduct / Harms Done WorksheetPDF OnlyPDFPublished
April 10, 2014Week #13 - Into Action (Step 5)webPDFPublished
April 17, 2014Week #14 - Into Action (Step 6 and Step 7)webPDFPublished
April 17, 2014Week #14 - Step 6 and Step 7 - Joe and Charlie TranscriptwebPDFPublished
April 24, 2014Week #15 - Into Action (Step 8 and Step 9)webPDFPublished
April 24, 2014Week #15 - Step 8 and Step 9 - Joe and Charlie TranscriptwebPDFPublished
May 1, 2014Week #16 - Into Action (Step 10)PDF OnlyPDFPublished
May 8, 2014Week #17 - Into Action (Step 11)PDF OnlyPDFPublished
May 13, 2011Week #18 - Working With Others (Step 12)N/AN/APending
Workshop 2014 Documents Status Values
- Future: Scheduled for release at a future date
- Draft: Currently in development for the next workshop session
- Ready: Ready for printing and use but has not been used in workshop, May contain errors
- Published: Available, Printed and Used for Workshop Session, Errors Corrected
- Pending: Update Pending for 2014 Content



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